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Looking forward from the EU Elections

'Voters have made it abundantly clear that they are dissatisfied with the policies and performance of the major parties, including ours. The parties have failed to tackle the issue of excessive immigration and the ever-growing power of the European Commission to interfere in British political, social and judicial matters.


In response to the Monitoring officer’s damning report on the Council implicating several Labour councillors, including the Labour Leader, Cllr. Hart, the Monitoring Officer was immediately sacked. Last Monday Cllr. Hart unexpectedly resigned blaming the toxic behaviour of fellow councillors, and now another influential Labour councillor, Cllr. Poole has resigned the Labour whip.  

Sandys Welcomes Dover District Council’s Pioneering Heritage Approach

Laura Sandys welcomed the news that Dover District Council has successfully secured £100,000 of Government support for its museum and tourism service and praised its innovative heritage approach, calling on neighbouring Thanet District Council to follow suit.  

MP Question Time at Sandwich School

Laura Sandys MP was grilled by Year Six students at Sandwich Junior School on Friday during an ‘Ask Your MP’ question time.