Chris Wells

We were very disappointed that Cllr Chris Wells has defected to UKIP. Over the past three years the Association and his Conservative colleagues have given him huge support during his considerable personal difficulties. Cllr Wells has many strengths - it appears that loyalty isn't one of them. 

Lynne Conolly, Chairman STCA

Conservative leader Bob Bayford has tonight responded to the news that Broadstairs Councillor Chris Wells has joined UKIP.

‘The defection of Cllr Wells to UKIP is both surprising and disappointing. Surprising because he has not previously indicated any ideological empathy with the right-wing party and disappointing because he has received sympathetic support from the Conservative party through his recent financial difficulties. Further, he has shown contempt for his electorate by announcing that, unlike recent parliamentary defectors, he has no intention of standing down to trigger a by-election.’