Conservative Group at Thanet District Council calls on Will Scobie to come clean on Selective Licensing

Last Sunday’s edition of the BBC’s Sunday Politics South East erroneously stated that no Conservative council had introduced Selective Licensing and used Thanet as an example of a successful scheme.  In fact, Thanet’s Selective Licensing Scheme was introduced by the Conservatives in 2011. 

Presenter Julia George interviewed Cllr Will Scobie, opening with the question:  “What were the problems that led you to introduce Selective Licensing in the Thanet area?”  Despite knowing full well that neither he nor his party had introduced the scheme, Cllr Scobie answered the question and went on to speak about the scheme’s introduction and describing it as ‘incredibly successful’. 

TDC Conservative Leader, Cllr Bob Bayford commented:  “We are well aware that the Thanet Labour Group locally are in disarray over their failure to support Manston Airport and Will Scobie is trailing a poor third in the General Election polls but his desperation to take credit for a scheme which had nothing to do with either him or his party is both shameful and dishonourable.  This is not the first time he has been caught doing this and he really ought to be honest and open with the voters of South Thanet. 

“We are in contact with the BBC regarding a correction of the programme’s factual errors and call upon Cllr Scobie to acknowledge that the Selective Licensing in Thanet is a Conservative innovation and to stop implying that the policy is in any part due to him or his party.” 

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