Craig Mackinlay - Unemployment down in South Thanet

Unemployment in South Thanet last month was 1,417. This is down 140 (9%) on the previous month, down 909 (39%) on the same time last year, and down 1,194 (46%) since June 2010.

The number of 18-24 year olds claiming Jobseekers Allowance was 325. This is down 65 (17%) on the previous month, down 275 (46%) on the same time last year, and down 350 (52%) since June 2010.

The ONS’s official statistics show that annual real wage growth is now at 3.2 per cent. In the private sector, pay is up 3.8 per cent. Other figures released today also show that the number of children living in households claiming out-of-work benefits is at the lowest level since current records began in 2008.

The UK has had the largest rise in the employment rate, and the largest fall in the unemployment rate, of any G7 economy over the last year.

Welcoming these figures, South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay said, “Today’s figures confirm that the Conservative long-term economic plan is delivering real wage growth at the fastest rate since 2007, ensuring that hard-working people feel the benefit of our economic recovery – with more money in their pockets.

 “Of course there is more to be done. Every person who is out of work but wants to work is one person too many. The best way to help people break free of welfare dependency, however, is to build a high wage, low tax, low welfare economy which rewards hard work and creates growth and jobs.

“Our ‘One Nation’ government is delivering on our commitment to ensure the economic recovery is felt by all sections of society with a further fall in long-term unemployment, youth unemployment falling and the female employment rate hitting another record high. We will continue to help businesses create jobs and support those who want to work hard and get on as part of our ambition to achieve full employment.

“As the MP for South Thanet, I will continue to campaign for economic growth, more jobs and lower taxes in the best interests of all my constituents.”