Laura Sandys: “Lower Rail Fare Cap Step in Right Direction”

Laura Sandys said the introduction of a lower cap on rail fare increases was “a step in the right direction”. The change will mean that from January 2014, the most expensive fare rise will reduce by 3%.

Laura said: “Rail fares are a real burden for commuters and the huge increases that we have seen in the past really push up the cost of living. I am pleased that a lower cap is being introduced but there is still much work to do and I really want to see fare rises capped at the level of inflation or ideally far below, but this is progress. 

“I completely agree with the Government that our railways need to be more customer-focused and ticketing has become extremely complex. £16 billion of Government investment is good news and will help to facilitate improvements such as increased capacity. The more flexible ticketing being piloted will also help improve fairness across the system.”