Laura Sandys MP Compels London Boroughs to Publish Housing Information

South Thanet MP Laura Sandys today submitted enquiries under the Freedom of Information Act to all London Boroughs regarding any tenants they may have relocated to Thanet. 

The London authorities will now be required under law to provide all relevant information about out-of-area placements, which Ms Sandys plans to publish in full. 

Laura said: 

“Many stories have circulated recently about London Boroughs placing families in Thanet rather than providing their own accommodation. Though I do not believe that this is happening, it is very important to make sure that there is no temptation on the part of any local authority to relocate tenants here. 

“It would be absolutely unacceptable for councils from other areas to shirk their responsibilities to their own tenants by placing them in Thanet, and would be an additional drain on our much-needed local resources. 

“That’s why I am compelling the London authorities to provide Thanet residents with clarification about whether any tenants have been placed here. If we find that a significant amount have, I will do all that is in my power to make sure the situation is reversed, and that councils start looking after their own residents rather than relying on other areas to provide housing for their tenants.”