A new tagger has emerged over the last couple of days causing outrage among Ramsgate traders.  

More than 20 instances of criminal damage - featuring an unimaginative 'stick man' up to six feet high - have appeared from St Augustine's Road to Boundary Road and throughout the Royal Harbour area. 


Craig Mackinlay, who lives in the harbour area, has already started cleaning the damage and will be spending much of Good Friday using specialist cleaning chemicals and paint to repair the extensive damage. (See attached pictures). 


This continues his war against graffiti throughout the constituency. 


Craig said: "I am appalled by this new tagger's actions. It's bad at any time, but is especially unwelcome at the start of this Bank Holiday weekend when we need Ramsgate and our other tourist destinations locally to look their best." 


Speaking to Paulo Magnolia, owner of La Magnolia restaurant in Westcliff Arcade (see pictures) Craig promised to get the unsightly damage painted over at the first opportunity.