Press release - Craig Mackinlay, "We’re sticking with our plans to serve South Thanet"

The UKIP candidate for South Thanet was declared today. 

Craig Mackinlay, Conservative Candidate for South Thanet said 'I am committed to being a strong local champion for South Thanet. My priorities are working for more local jobs, better local services and a brighter and more secure future for everyone in South Thanet - not playing party politics. 

The next election will be a big and important choice for local people to make; between a Conservative government with a long term plan to build a healthier economy and a more secure future or a Labour one led by Ed Miliband, committed to more inefficient spending, more borrowing and more debt than future generations will ever be able to repay. Furthermore our commitment to hold an in/out referendum on EU membership is another powerful reason to vote Conservative next May. Labour won’t hold a referendum and UKIP can’t. 

I look forward to debating the future of our area with all candidates at the next election - that is what the people of South Thanet deserve as they make the serious choice of what their next government will be.' 


Twitter:- @cmackinlay