Sandys Votes For Referendum on the European Union

South Thanet MP Laura Sandys has voted today to give the British people a referendum on European Union membership. The Referendum Bill, which MPs are voting on today, has been proposed by the Conservatives as a means of cementing a future referendum in law. 

After casting her ‘yes’ vote, Laura Sandys said: “I am a passionate believer in giving the British people a voice on the European Union – it has been too long since this major issue has been put to a national vote.

“It is baffling that the Labour Party, by continuing to oppose this Bill, are refusing to grant voters the right to vote on this issue. This is a prime example of vested interests getting in the way of the public interest. I am calling on the Labour Party candidate for South Thanet to clarify his own position, and to justify his party’s refusal to support the Bill.” 

Those in favour of a referendum should email to add their support to the campaign.