Sandys Vows to Fight On as Animal Exports Return to Ramsgate

As news broke this weekend that live animal exports are resuming from the Port of Ramsgate, South Thanet MP Laura Sandys vowed to continue her fight to stop the inhumane trade.

Speaking shortly after the revelation, she said: “I was appalled to hear that live animal exports have once again started from the Port of Ramsgate. Exporting live animals is a cruel practice, too often leading to tragedy as we saw with the massacre of 47 sheep in September and the subsequent conviction of the exporting company, Channel Livestock Ltd.

“I have worked incredibly hard to end the practice in Thanet, meeting with the Minister shortly after the September incident and holding a debate on the subject in the House of Commons. 

“My commitment to this issue is unchanging, and I have demanded another meeting with the Minister as soon as possible. Though in the meantime we must put in place much more rigorous licensing requirements in light of the prosecutions last month, I will be fighting to get this trade banned”