Sandys Welcomes Education Secretary’s Announcement on Quality of Care Homes

After many years campaigning on this, Laura Sandys, MP for South Thanet, today welcomed the Education Secretary’s announcement that the Government will be implementing a series of measures to improve the quality of care for our looked after children. 

The Education Secretary has announced that he will be:

-          Re-examining the rules that prevent basic information being shared about who is responsible for children’s homes and the quality of them;

-          Looking at the location of children’s homes, particularly those homes in areas with above average crime rates;

-          Changing rules so that councils, the police and children’s homes providers carry out risk assessments of the location of new homes;

-          Reviewing why so many children are located out of borough, with some sent over 20 miles away from home.

Speaking after the announcement, Laura said: “I am delighted that the Education Secretary will be looking at many of the issues I have raised, particularly children being placed out of borough. I was extremely pleased to discuss these issues with Mr Gove when he visited Cliftonville earlier on this year. I was able to provide him with a comprehensive overview of the challenges in the area and put forward our concerns about the placing of vulnerable children in inappropriate surroundings. I will be looking at the report being issued very closely and will keep pushing for the changes needed in our area.”