Statement from Laura Sandys MP in response to Thanet District Council’s debate on conservation areas

“I am extremely disappointed that Cllr Julie Marson’s motion supporting a Cliftonville West-wide conservation area was diluted at Thursday’s Council meeting.

 “Our campaign calling for the designation of the majority of Cliftonville West as a conservation area has had widespread support from local residents. Whilst I am pleased that we have been able to persuade the Council to at long last begin to look at designating conservation areas, we need more action right now. I welcome the fact that the Council is finally willing to consult on the conservation appraisals that have been gathering dust for years but I share the fears of local residents that a lengthy, phased rollout will leave us with little to conserve. We need a clear timetable and swift rollout plan, and I am pleased that Cllr Will Scobie will be joining us in this campaign. 

“I hope that the Council  will reconsider its approach and make designations swiftly,  before we lose some of our most valuable assets that are not just architectural treasures but catalysts for change.”