TDC Conservative Group Statement – Resignation of Cllr Clive Hart

Cllr Clive Hart, Labour Leader of Thanet District Council has resigned via Facebook, citing the recent decisions of the General Purposes Committee as a factor in his decision. 

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Bob Bayford said: “At no point has any member of the Conservative Group accused any officer or member of inappropriate behaviour.  We have, however, been determined, despite the efforts of Labour members, to ensure that any and all allegations of impropriety are investigated thoroughly and responsibly.

“I am disappointed, though not surprised, that Cllr Hart did not choose to support these investigations and to provide leadership to the council at this time.  This would have ensured that the reputation and probity of the council was beyond doubt.  However, strong leadership and transparency have not been a hallmark of this administration. 

“We stand by all of our actions and will continue to press for existing complaints and allegations to be properly investigated according to due process.”