Thanet’s MPs Call on Hospital Trust to Reinstate Normal Service at QEQM

Thanet’s MPs, Sir Roger Gale and Laura Sandys, have expressed grave concern and fury at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust’s decision to move all high risk and emergency general surgery from QEQM to the Kent and Canterbury hospital.

North Thanet’s MP, Sir Roger Gale, said: “I am shocked that there has been absolutely no consultation around this decision. Neither Laura nor I were forewarned about this very serious change that is going to have a dramatic impact on our constituents.

“I want to know what efforts are being made to recruit more surgeons and exactly how long this ‘interim’ period will last. It is totally unacceptable that a unilateral decision which could have major consequences has been taken with little explanation.”

South Thanet’s MP, Laura Sandys, said: “This decision has come as a shock to everyone and was completely without warning. We need to ensure that this is absolutely a temporary measure and the Trust should be very clear about the urgent steps that will be taken to resolve the current problems. Sir Roger and I will be campaigning for normal service at QEQM to resume as soon as possible and seeking undertakings to this effect.”