RE TDC Standards Committee report - South Thanet Conservative Association

The South Thanet Conservative Association would like to add to the current debate about Thanet District Council standards and the sentiments expressed by the leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Bob Bayford, by suggesting that the Council could consider the following changes to the way in which they administer a system to deal with complaints against Councillors. 

Statement from TDC Conservative Group – Standards Report

Conservative Group leader, Cllr Bob Bayford stated: “The report reflects very accurately the fears of members of this group, who believe the council’s reputation is in real difficulty. I pledge both my personal and my group’s support for steps which will change the public perception of council affairs.

TDC Conservative Group calls for fairness and transparency in deciding the future for Ramsgate’s Royal Victoria Pavilion

It is important that every effort is made to bring this facility back into use and the Conservative Group is totally supportive of that aim.  However, contradictory and highly personalised statements from the Council and Labour Cabinet members have cast doubt on this process and questions remain over the transparency and fairness of the marketing of the Pavilion since June 2013.